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We’ve heard this question, since 2010! It is true that the need here is great, and in some ways greater. This is what’s drawn us into a new focus on the inner-cities. The materials we produce are very appropriate there, for sure! 

HOWEVER, in answer to the question: “Why go to other countries so much, when there’s great need here?” There are three simple answers to this question. FIRST: We don’t go that much or that long outside the USA. We normally are away from 12-21 days. Twenty-one days was our longest, so far. 

SECOND: The reason it seems like we’re traveling so much outside the country, is that the response is so overwhelmingly positive. They are so appreciative and can’t get enough of what we are teaching. There is no yawning in any session. In many ways, they are a blank slate with respect to ‘Jesus plus nothing’, loving simply Jesus without religious baggage. Maybe the most amazing thing is, they actually do what we teach them to do. They are eager to be disciples of Jesus and to make disciples of Jesus. AND, as they learn to follow Jesus, they become very creative in ministry. 

THIRD: Every day, we have a teaching presence in over 40 nations around the globe through social media. And, the responsiveness is the most encouraging we’ve ever experienced! 

Locally, we are setting up gatherings for training, starting more small groups, and developing more training materials. We’re actually shifting gears into what I call the Jesus Blueprint, both in the US and around the world. We’ll share more on that Blueprint tomorrow.

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