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The Evil One’s strategy is as numerous as there are people and situations-much like the disease of cancer. However, there are some themes to the devil’s madness.
One theme is harassment and accusation. The term “Satan” means to accuse or the accuser and that is precisely what he does. After shooting wicked, vile, selfish and self-destructive thoughts in your mind, he then quickly accuses you for having such thoughts. “How could you think such things and claim to love God and follow Jesus? How hideous are you?”
Another major theme is distraction-anything that pulls you away from Jesus and His purpose for you. Much of the time the distractions are not bad, in and of themselves, but still become distractions. It’s like the “good” gets in the way of the “best.”
This theme is taken a little further when you are caught up in a battle for your attention and allegiance. Many years ago Bob Briner in his book, Roaring Lions, listed out what he called “noble causes” that keep Christians from changing the world. He listed such noble causes as prayer in school, family values, anti-abortion, fighting the homosexual agenda, etc. You may feel strongly about your position on these noble causes, yet each of these and many more have the power to soak up all of your attention and allegiance. In many cases, the energy given to the cause comes into cross purposes with sharing the love of Jesus. For instance, how can you stand in a line screaming against same-sex marriages and share the unconditional love of Jesus with the very people who are the targets of your attack?
A very deceptive theme has to do with the devil and his demons and how they appear to people. You see, if they were always dark, wicked and scary, they wouldn’t trick you at all. Therefore, the devil and his demons come across in a positive manner, even attractive, at times. Jesus warned that false teachers and prophets are like wolves disguised as sheep. Then, later in the writings of Paul to the followers of Jesus in Corinth, we read: But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. (II Corinthians 11:3-5) I think the best way to describe the evil one’s strategy is that it is subtle and deceptive.

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