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NOTE the logic of this as it relates to being stained by the world…This is much like the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-27). The question is “Who is my neighbor?” The answer is anyone in your path that has a need you can address.  

So, today:
1.      Many people suffer affliction of all kinds.
2.      Many believers never relieve affliction for others…due to the stains on their hearts and minds. So, believers find themselves going through the following process of ignoring the needs of those around them, even though(a) they were positioned there by God,(b) they were aware of the person’s condition, (c) they were capable of meeting the person’s needs and (d)they each had good rationalized excuses. 

What is desperately needed is for people of true faith to remove the stains of the world that remain on their hearts and minds. To say it another way, I think Jesus is looking for SPOT REMOVERS!  

You know what’s interesting, Jesus never saw a prostitute; He sees through the stains!Also, Jesus lived out the royal law and therefore was and is always GOOD NEWS for everyone without partiality!  

#1-Receive your own spot remover for the stains in your life-Jesus’ love for you!
#2-Reciprocate your love back to Jesus in gratefulness-your love for him!
#3-Release your love to others-your love for your neighbors-that you received from Jesus! 

PEOPLE OF TRUE FAITH ACT AS SPOT REMOVERS BY EMBRACING THE ROYAL LOVE OF GOD. By the way, this is all part of following Jesus, who is the Good News-the Gospel. Good News: YOU can enjoy the cleansing power of Jesus, the Great Spot-remover! AND, YOU can participate in the Jesus power of cleansing others around you, who are in need. Sign up today as a spot-remover!

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