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In my opinion, there are two types of churches. One is not wrong and the other, right. It’s more like one is good and the other is so much better. The first type of church is the organized, establishment, big-C, church. This Church is man-made and functions much like the early synagogue. In the same way, Jesus didn’t bash the synagogue or start new synagogues for better teaching or worship, neither should his followers dump on the big-C Church. There is nothing inherently wrong in establishing the Church, however lots of bad habits emerged out of this organized system.   

Some of these habits are: * The elevation of a hierarchy within the leadership system. * The positioning of a few who lead while the masses spectate. * The establishment of a man-made system of doctrines. * The drain of millions of dollars to feed the Church machine. * The intense money invested in the physical structures. * The waste of funds for marketing the “show” while the Big-C Church is losing ground, having no net increase of followers, in the USA.Now, do you honestly believe if Jesus were serving as the head of the Church, that he would have any of these habits on his agenda?   

The second type is any group of followers of Jesus who come together to participate in eating, praying, fellowshipping, and discussing the teachings of Jesus. The theme is clear. The church or gathering of Jesus is all about each person participating in the conversation of Jesus, not spectating or watching others talk about Jesus 

AND, this second type of gathering, where everyone participates, allows for Jesus to be most primary. It’s in this type of gathering, the little-c church, where Jesus is really doing the teaching through his followers. I’ve experienced both and to me, there is no comparison…it’s not even close! Jesus shows up best in the power of the few!

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