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The 5thpowerful image in step with Jesus is the power of the few over the many. The revolutionary small group of Jesus carries the seed and the leaven-the Good News of the Kingdom-and has the power to transform the whole system of life. 

Jesus used living together-doing life together-with the small groups to transform the characters of his followers and change their way of life. He used his small group first to change the twelve before he sent them to change the world. He first called his cabinet to follow him, then his small group was mandated to make followers of him in every nation and gather their small groups. This pattern continues to replicate itself until society changes.It’s within the power of the few that inevitable and irreversible growth takes place.

Early followers of Jesus followed his pattern and continued the small group model, which were called “house churches”. Even though they preached in the temple courts and in synagogues, their main focus was small groups. Temples and synagogues (public places) were secondary. The center stage was always small groups (house churches or gatherings). This was the essence of the early Jesus movement! 

Until the third century AD (for over 300 years) there was no construction of buildings called Churches. The church was a cell group/house church. Even after that period, it was the Roman Emperor who started constructing buildings and they were called Churches. 

Therefore, the meaning of church was changed to a building. The word church has nothing to do with any kind of a building. The church Jesus was describing came from the word, ‘ecclesia’, and is not a religious word, not even a “Christian” word. It designates a group of people for a certain purpose. The church of Jesus is not a place to go; it’s all about being the church and not going to Church. 

I posted on Instagram a picture that says: ‘May we be more like Jesus when the world needs him most! What the world needs most is Jesus as our moral base & bar! This doesn’t happen by waving flags, converting others, or mass demonstrations for moral causes. It only occurs when we demonstrate Jesus within the power of the few! SO, practice being like Jesus!

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