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The 3rdpowerful image of walking in step with Jesus is the power of planting the seed of the Good News. Jesus teaches extensively about the planting of the seed. The planting or sowing of seed seems to be the primary activity in the kingdom of God. 

Jesus refers to the seed sown in three ways (Matthew 13; Luke 8): The seed is the “word of God.” The seed is the “message of the Kingdom.” The seed is the “sons of the Kingdom.”  

Jesus has been sowing the seed from the day he showed up, announcing the Kingdom. Today, Jesus is still sowing the seed through our lives and through the stories of those who are following him. 

Jesus seems to view the seed sown in and through the sons of the Kingdom as the word of God and the message of God’s Kingdom. Therefore,the word of God-the message of the Kingdom-is the active presence of God, working within, among and through the followers of Jesus in the form of a seed. This seed has tremendous spiritual power within those who are followers of Jesus-to be productive-to be fruitful. It is able to produce amazing levels of fruit. To be fruitful is to enjoy the peace, joy, love and grace of Jesus for yourself and if you as a follower show up, you can bring that same fruit for those in need.  Please note: 

  • The primary activity is nottrying to get people to go to heaven. 
  • It is nottrying to convert people to join a certain religion. 
  • It is nottrying to get people to join your religious organization. 

The primary activity is the sowing of seed-introducing the word of God, the Good News of the Kingdom, which is present and alive within and among the followers of Jesus. The primary activity is introducing people to the person of Jesus-without all the religious baggage. 

The primary activity of sowing the seed in the Kingdom today is in actuality what Jesus commanded his followers to do: Make disciples of all nations! The planting of seeds through your lifestyle everywhere you go is the process of making followers (disciples) of Jesus. How is it going?

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