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The way Jesus teaches the Kingdom, it is greater than anything that has ever existed on earth. Jesus makes it clear that the Kingdom is near-within reach-here and among us right now, and there seems to be a time in the future when the Kingdom will be more fully experienced on earth. Once you embrace the fact that the presence of the Kingdom is right here, right now, you can begin enjoying yourself as you live in the Kingdom right here, right now. Jesus calls it following him or doing the will of the Father or hearing his words and practicing them.

By hearing Jesus’ words and practicing them, you will find yourself caught up in the flow of the movement of the Kingdom of God or better yet, you will be caught up in the 21st Century Jesus movement. It’s a revolutionary movement, and Jesus is the one who leads it. So, see where Jesus is at work and get there as soon as possible. Walk with him. Watch him. Work with him. No matter your circumstances, you can practice the presence of the Kingdom and enjoy the presence of the King-Jesus-right here on planet earth, right now.

I think what Jesus is saying is that he has brought the Kingdom-the presence of God to earth. You see, where the King is, there is the Kingdom.

So, Jesus isn’t about the Church and Jesus isn’t about Christianity; Jesus is all about the Kingdom being among us right here today!

Jesus says his followers will do: “The works that I do and greater works than these he will do.” (John 14:12) How is this possible? Here it is! As you follow Jesus, he will urge you to pursue the Kingdom lifestyle and to practice the presence of Jesus through God’s indwelling Spirit. You can do that right now, today!




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