Get your Daily Encouragement with the Jesus Minute

I am on a mission to change the world. I can’t do it alone and neither can you, however I’ve embraced a plan that I’m convinced will work, as it has worked before. And, as I’ve been sharing this plan everywhere I go, I’m becoming more and more convinced, it’s time!

On a weekly basis, I meet with a group of Millennial high school students and several times a week I’m working with college students or young professionals who are under the age of 36. This generation wants to change the world. What’s amazing to me is that they believe they can!

When I was their age, we had a slight thought from time to time about converting the entire town of Blanchester, Ohio to be like us Baptists. But I never really believed it and I certainly had no thought of changing the world.

Then this real person, Jesus, apprehended my heart and head. He had a plan and carried it out, one person at a time. Now, in this new age of travel and digital communication, I’ve come to realize that Jesus’ plan can actually work today in homes, in neighborhoods, in communities, in companies, and in nations.

The plan revolves around Jesus and the Kingdom. Jesus and the Kingdom offer the only possible solution to transforming the culture. Let’s examine the Jesus factor today and we’ll check out the Kingdom factor tomorrow.

There are three things about Jesus that are most attractive and most effective in changing any society:

FIRST: His character is incomparable. There is no one who ever lived who has ever surpassed the character standard that Jesus set. He set the bar so high that He is revered in every culture of the world. Jesus raises the highest bar ever on the planet with respect to character. No one surpasses Him!

SECOND: His teachings offer meaning and fulfillment. If you follow the teachings and principles of Jesus, you will know fulfillment and meaning in your life. Who isn’t able to gain something positive out of the principle of forgiveness or loving your enemies or giving rather than receiving? Religious and cultural leaders from all over the world continually use the principles of Jesus to write their books and teach their seminars. There is nothing that surpasses them!

THIRD: As you follow in Jesus’ steps, you may find God. If God were to take on human flesh and live among us on this earth, he would most certainly say the things that Jesus said and do the things that Jesus did.

Jesus doesn’t pass on information; he embodies what he teaches. When properly introduced, Jesus is absolutely irresistible!


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