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Just before Christmas, I invited you to join with me in a special project I called the JESUS BLUEPRINT. In my mind, this is a great title for a simple way to follow in the steps of Jesus in a fresh way. Today, I want to reveal to everyone the first piece of the ‘Jesus Blueprint’. It is: Jesus saw the wisdom in working with a few! 

Here’s how I introduced the ‘Jesus Blueprint’ at the beginning. 

If you were out to change the world, what would your approach be? For most of my life, I was part of the crowd that believed in the principle: the bigger the better! In practical terms, if you want to change the world, you must use all of the big guns you can muster. It’s the belief that we need more and more mega-Churches, more mega-phones, more and better large media promotions, more highly gifted communicators, best-selling authors, celebrities, powerful religious and political leaders, best-selling books, AND THEN, we can make a difference in the world. BUT this isn’t the JESUS BLUEPRINT for changing the world; it’s man’s best attempts, MAN’S BLUEPRINT! 

AND, here is how I want to activate the ‘Jesus Blueprint’. To the many of you who have expressed your desire to come along on this adventure. FIRST: Pray for those you believe can be part of your ‘few’. Give it a couple of days to think and pray about this. In other words, ask Jesus who would be best to be included in your few. We believe once you declare yourself as a follower of Jesus, the only first step that matters is to find your few. (You may already be meeting with your few and that’s terrific! This could be a great starting place for you in following the ‘Jesus Blueprint’!) So, work on your few! And, if you haven’t replied to me with the words-JESUS BLUEPRINT, do this in response to this email. You will receive a separate email walking us all through the JESUS BLUEPRINT together. 

The regular JESUS MINUTE will return tomorrow.

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