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Since a freshman in college, I’ve been passionately caught up in the art of persuasion. It’s fundamentally known as communicology–the study of communications. One of the most basic assumptions is to respect the power of words. Words matter! 

I was just introduced to a new online magazine and liked it enough to subscribe to it. It’s called TEAM JESUS Magazine and I believe its purpose is noteworthy. HOWEVER, I found the cover story in this particular issue offensive and counter to what I believe Jesus wants from us as we follow in his steps. The feature article is entitled, “I am one of a billion people standing for Jesus.”

For me, the phrase, ‘taking a stand’ holds a paralyzing power and sway over the Christian world. It’s been my observation that this popular phrase of ‘taking a stand’ for Jesus is counter-productive to the teachings of Jesus. ‘Taking a stand for Jesus’ stops us from changing the world! Jesus doesn’t ask us to ‘take a stand’ for or against anything. He’s not interested in any flag-waving or promotion. Jesus invites you to follow him and to do so with a few others. Jesus doesn’t want you to demonstrate for him; he wants you to demonstrate him. Jesus is into the principle of attraction.

So, 1 billion people taking a stand is not nearly as effective as the power of the few who are committed to following in the steps of Jesus.

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