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We are living between two kingdoms. Every morning we wake up to sad news, chaos, terror, evil, and bad news in general. This is all generated by the earthly, man-made kingdom activities and daily happenings from all over the world.

Power struggles are in constant flow, bumping up against one another, giving a spirit of life as we know it, out of control. What makes things worse is that these happenings are not just naturally happening, but there are several, powerful, gatekeepers, whether corporate, political, religious, or international, bent on stirring things up for their own positions of power and power grabs.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray something most profound, that can have a direct, positive effect on the daily world system. He teaches them to pray for God’s will and God’s Kingdom to come down to earth and be present on earth as it is in heaven. This is revolutionary in every way! We, as disciples of Jesus, are to pray for God’s Kingdom to make itself at home on earth as it is in heaven in order to counter the great chaos, tension, destructive, and depressive spirit that reigns on planet earth.

Remember, ‘wherever the King is, you will find the Kingdom’. The presence of the King and his Kingdom means peace and calm in society, but this can only become a reality in the hearts of the members of the Kingdom. This is all part of the strategy of changing man’s limited Kingdom to the unlimited Kingdom of God. When you get a taste of the Kingdom of God, you are getting a little taste of heaven on earth.

My entire life, I’ve believed that God’s goal for believers is to get us out of here. It doesn’t take much research to know that this is not the direction of God’s intent for His believers. God is not taking us out of here to go to heaven! Nope, wrong direction! God is bringing heaven to earth! It’s called the Kingdom!

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