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To carry out the vision of advancing the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom and to fulfill your accompanying mission and objectives, it’s vital that you adopt a strategy for how you are going to live your life. Whereas your vision, mission, and objectives may be universally accepted among us all, your strategy will most certainly vary quite a bit from one follower of Jesus to another. Our unity is in Jesus, who stands at the pinnacle of our vision, mission and objectives. Our diversity is directed individually by Jesus, deploying each of us wherever he wills and wherever we can be most effective in the realm of the Kingdom of God on earth.
The first strategic step is to SEE JESUS, being on-message. It’s within this context that you move into the second strategic step where you must FOLLOW JESUS, being on-call. The third strategic step is to GATHER, meaning to be on-track. Finally, after processing through the first three strategic steps for living life most fully within the Kingdom of God, you come to your ultimate purpose for your life. The fourth strategic step is to GO, living your life on-purpose. This is your calling-your unique message that you carry within you to contribute to the rest of the world. No one can tell you your purpose. It is written into your DNA. Only you are able to see it-to dream it!
SEE Jesus, FOLLOW Jesus, GATHER around Jesus, and now the strategic step is to GO with Jesus. This is living your life on-purpose. This ushers you into the primary activity of the Kingdom Jesus came to introduce-to plant the seeds that will ultimately bring forth the fruitfulness of more followers of Jesus. This is the dynamic, and what I believe to be the missing link in most ministry efforts-the dynamic of discipleship.
I know too many people who are still too self-centered or are under the illusion that they possess what they have, because of their hard work and personal efforts. They don’t understand that they have been blessed by the God of gods to be stewards of what they have and that the stuff they have-however much or little-belongs to Jesus and the Kingdom. The problem is not about having enough stuff, but believing in your heart that you deserve your stuff and that you own it for yourself.
The Kingdom man or woman clearly understands that all they have is to be enjoyed by them and to be shared for the purpose of Kingdom business.
In summary, to be on-message is to ask, “Who am I in Jesus?” To be on-call is to ask, “What can I do to help?” To be on-track is to ask, “Who is walking with me?” Being on-purpose is to ask, “What am I to do with what I have?”
These are the first questions a dangerous Kingdom person asks. What life questions are you asking? How is your strategy working in the Kingdom?




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