Get your Daily Encouragement with the Jesus Minute

There are 4 principles-universal life truths-that are grounded in the Kingdom teachings of Jesus. These 4 principles make up the best strategy for advancing the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom. The first strategic step is to SEE Jesus. This is the most vital step in developing your strategy. To see Jesus is to refocus on Jesus as your model, your mantra, and your constant standard for living. Jesus is your reference point and filter for seeing and doing everything. As you refocus on Jesus, you will find yourself on-message.
Being on-message is all about who you are-your character. This is the principle of self-awareness. The action-step here is a constant refocus. I’ve come to realize that the only way for me to understand who I am is to get a better understanding of whose I am. In the Kingdom of God I am a follower of the King-Jesus. To Jesus I declare my allegiance. He is my master teacher. And, as I get to know Jesus personally, I am getting to know myself.
My refocusing on Jesus is fundamental to refocusing on my character-who I am. My trustworthiness-my character-is only authentic as it is grounded in my best friend, Jesus. Through this action of refocusing, Jesus becomes the reference point for my life. He not only raises the bar of character; Jesus is the bar!
Life is all about you and your choices-you and your character. And, if Jesus is where you go to refocus and readjust your character, then your YOU is beautiful, attractive, and full of balance and wholeness. This is what I mean by being on-message!
It’s not an act, but a way of living. It’s who you are, more than what you do. It’s never complete, but an ongoing process! It begins here, remains here, and often must return right back here to you and your heart response to Jesus.
Your experience, strength, and hope you find in your encounter with Jesus is unique to you. Just as you’ve been created with a unique DNA, you experience Jesus differently than most anyone else and you’ve been created with a unique message to bring to the world. So, when you are on-message, your message may be very different from the message I bear.
We carry the same vision of advancing the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom, the same mission of loving God and loving others, and we hold to the same personal, relational, and lifestyle objectives, BUT your personal strategy is just that-personal and unique! Keep focusing on Jesus to find out who you are.




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