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The deception I experienced is to get too caught up in the blessings, giftedness, opportunities, and the positive responses I was receiving. I was too into the giftedness and not into the Giver. Too much into the blessings and not into the One Who had blessed my life. The tendency is to replace the awesomeness of God into thinking how awesome you are. 

I see this in the corporate world on a daily basis. There is an epidemic of people who have been given wealth and position, yet don’t see what they’ve been given as a gift. Instead, they tend to take all of the credit for their prominence and storage of wealth. From their perspective, they are the ultimate owners and resources of all they have. From Jesus’ perspective, we are all to view all we have and are as gifts from God and we’ve been given the high responsibility of being the managers and stewards. In my way of thinking, since Jesus is the one who holds even the atoms of our existence together, the smart thing to do is to follow and listen to him.How big is your God? How powerful is Jesus in your daily life?  

I continually emphasize that Jesus alone is enough. I didn’t learn this easily. In fact, submitting my life and seeking to follow in the steps of Jesus has proven to be the most difficult life decision I’ve ever made. Growing up, I felt the need to “help” Jesus by doing my part. For so long, I believed it was important for me to work for Jesus. The problem in thinking that way is that you tend to think that your role is more important than it actually is. In fact, I felt I was working for Jesus in an advisory capacity. I came up with these amazing ideas and pleaded for Jesus to bless them. 

Don’t ever forget this! He is the Awesome One and you share in the awesomeness of His creation of you. He is God and you are not!

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