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SECRET #54 is: The follower of Jesus knows the power of the few. The primary example of the “power of the few” is found in Jesus’ method of operation. Instead of using “Madison Avenue” marketing methods, Jesus launched his movement with a few-just three to be exact-Peter, James and John. He then selected nine more, then he sent out 72 in a 2 by 2 formation. Although Jesus spoke to large groups from time to time, he mostly hung out with a few at a time.Jesus obviously believed the “few” were more powerful than the masses. Why is this?
A long-time friend and mentor, Dr. Ed Neteland, used to say that he envisioned the concept like a rocket ship. In order to achieve blast off the power must all be put in a very small space. Jesus not only practiced this principle faithfully, but he instructed his disciples to do the same. He sent them out in small groupings. And, even after the resurrection, we see the disciples of Jesus practicing this same principle.
The classic example is the threesome that walked into Thessalonica for about 3 and a half weeks. Their relationship was a powerful little fellowship of followers of Jesus, so powerful that the impact spread throughout Asia Minor. We miss the fact that all three men wrote the letters to the Thessalonians. We always think Paul did the writing, because most translations put that ascription at the beginning of the books. And, those notes and headings throughout the many translations are not Scripture, but man’s interpretations and many times miss the real point of the passage.
Not only did Jesus use the power of the few most effectively and his disciples followed his example, but today it is so important that we catch on to this dynamic. This essential can be most helpful in getting our minds off of the massive shows and demonstrations of organized religion and focus on the life transforming dynamic of hanging out with a few in the name of Jesus. Jesus promised that he would show up whenever two or three gather together in his name.
Shiku, one of our dearest friends from Nairobi, shared this with our Core group last month: “After Jesus’ death and resurrection, he ascended into Heaven. The angels enthusiastically greeted him with great celebration and asked, ‘It’s so good to have you back. How did it go? How many disciples did you make for all this effort?’ Jesus answered, ‘Eleven!'”
Jesus personally received 12 men from the Father and lost one of them. According to Jesus, his work with the 11 is the work the Father sent him to do. This is the power of the few that Jesus taught and practiced! Now he sends us to do the same!






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