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This is the 2nd week of re-presenting and re-framing the 10 resolutions of 2016, transitioning the information we gained last year toward transformation. We are going through one resolution per week. Last week we discussed Resolution #1: REFOCUS YOUR MARKET. This week we are unpacking Resolution #2: REFOCUS YOUR VISION.
Vision is not just for companies; it’s for you as a person. It’s your ultimate goal-your dream! Your vision must be big enough that you can never fully complete it, therefore it becomes your ultimate purpose in life. Your vision is what you are always striving to practice. You learn to accept what moves you toward your vision and you learn what things to avoid that keep moving you off your vision.
Years ago, in the corporate world, I articulated my vision as: “I want to empower individuals to be and to do all they were created to be and to do.” It worked well for me for quite some time. It contained a balance of being and doing, which is prominent in my thinking. It also planted the seed thought that you were created to be and to do; it had the touch of the supernatural element in it, something greater than you are. It was helpful in not offending anyone unnecessarily or turn anyone off to Christianity.
THEN, I had a personal encounter with Jesus. It wasn’t a religious encounter, but it was life-changing-inside and out. I say that “I found Jesus”, but that’s not true. “Jesus found me!” I met Jesus of Nazareth-just Jesus.
After this encounter, I saw my vision differently. It was so clear and so natural to me to say that my vision is: I want to advance the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom. This is it! I love it! What’s interesting is that I can freely say this and no one seems to be offended at all!
Recently, I was at the counter at the grocery store, talking with one of my favorite checkers. She looked up at another of the checkers and said, “He writes books!” She’s always telling people that. She’s one of my best marketing persons. The other checker said, “Really, on what?” My friend quickly said, “He writes about Jesus!” I then quickly said, “Not the religious Jesus, but the Jesus without religious baggage.” Everywhere I go I want to advance the conversation of Jesus.
All day long, I get to meet people and advance this amazing conversation. It’s the most exciting thing ever! I think it was Steve Jobs who said: “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you!” If you don’t yet have a vision for your life, practice this one for a few weeks and see how comfortable it is. Let’s practice it together this week!





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