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Once we have identified our market strategy as seeking those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the vision is easily articulated. An online friend just sent me this: “I believe ‘vision’ determines the rhythm of our hearts. With it there is excitement and energy for living; without it there is little more than existence.”(John Wallace) This motivates me even more to embrace the vision of advancing the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom.
Now we come to refocusing your mission. In my way of thinking, your mission in life as a follower of Jesus, is to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself, because God is love. Abide in love and you’ll abide in God and God will abide in you.
Loving God is making God primary in your life. It’s disciplining yourself to be God-centered. This God-centeredness is expressed within the 10 Commandments with “You shall have no other gods before me.”
There are 3 specific meanings here: FIRST: You shall have no other gods instead of Me! God wants to be your God without any substitute. SECOND: You shall have no other gods in front of Me! God takes offense at even seeing any other god placed in front of Him. THIRD: You shall have no other gods in addition to Me! God is against any sort of add-ons. The God of gods wants to be just that, to you-the God of all gods!
Why? What motivates the follower of Jesus to love God with all his heart? I’ve come up with, at least, four motivating factors-four things the follower of Jesus knows.
1. The follower of Jesus knows God is the God of gods. There is no doubt; God is God and you are not.
2. The follower of Jesus knows God is the source of life, goodness and wholeness. Therefore he focuses on God with all of his heart. He loves Him.
3. The follower of Jesus knows God is there and cares. God is not distant, but very present and God is love.
4. The follower of Jesus knows God knows him the best and loves him the most. Think of it! God knows every little weakness and flaw and yet still loves you unconditionally. Because of God’s unconditional love and relentless search to have a relationship with you, you now have the ability and freedom to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself.
If you ever get overwhelmed with all of the teachings and principles of following Jesus, always default back to your primary mission in life-what Jesus says is the greatest commandment. If you practice these two as a lifestyle, you will be practicing the Kingdom purely and powerfully. If you embrace these two, you will learn how to really live life to its fullest! So, why not go for it, starting today?





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