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Title: THE WAY
Sub Title: A Revolutionary Curriculum
Specifics: Volume 1: Personal Transformation
Cost: $15.00
Authors: Tamrat Layne and Tim Timmons

About the Authors:
Tamrat is the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and now spends most of his time speaking and setting up small groups to people around the world about Jesus! Tamrat also is the Co-Founder of Life Center, a thriving orphanage in the heart of Ethiopia.

Tim Timmons is a Four Time National Best Seller and Founder of South Coast Community Church in Newport Beach, California. Tim spends most of his time speaking, mentoring and writing all centered around the message of Jesus!

About THE WAY:
THE WAY is a small group study. This study is not written in the traditional study guide format, with one person being the teacher and the rest listening. Instead, it is designed to promote discussion and interaction within the context of a few. This is based upon the conviction that “when two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus,” Jesus will show up! This is a Jesus curriculum without political or religious agendas. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. We’re not talking about the religious Jesus. We’re talking about the most prominent and powerful person ever―just Jesus, simply the person of Jesus.

There’s something about Jesus without religious baggage—his words, his Spirit, his actions, his loving ways, his bent toward the disenfranchised and even his name—that brings healing and wholeness. Jesus is truly the most effective person you can embrace for yourself. The Jesus movement is the fastest growing movement in the world today within every culture!

THE WAY is not just another Bible study or a lecture from one to the many; it is a revolutionary way for everyone to participate and SEE Jesus personally. The ultimate purpose of THE WAY small group curriculum is to participate in the Jesus movement for the transformation of nations through love—loving God, loving one another, loving others, and even loving your enemies. It’s a revolution of love! The single-mindedness of THE WAY is to gather people together initially for personal transformation and then to change the world.

In the year of 2002, a former communist, atheist guerilla fighter encountered Jesus while in political prison and found a new freedom. The same year, a former Christian pastor and author encountered Jesus while imprisoned by religiosity and was set free! THE WAY contains the principles that transformed their lives and set them free! THE WAY is not the invention of two men; it is the plan and practice of Jesus from the very beginning!

Begin your Jesus journey with THE WAY and invite others to walk with you.


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