Simply Enough and 12 Footsteps Collection


The 12 FOOTSTEPS TO FOLLOW JESUS THE WAY HE INTENDED is the launching pad for our published books and resets the emphasis within the Jesus movement on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus the way he intended. Nearly 65% of the world’s population were born after 1980. They want to change the world and believe they can. They are in search of a leader. His name is Jesus. Tim and Diana speak in the United States and around the world encouraging people to get back to the message of Jesus. They have 5 children and 17 grandchildren and you can follow them on Instagram @timtimmons1 and @dianatimmons1
What Tim says of Simply Enough: “Jesus did not call us to be religious; he created a movement when he called his early followers. The Jesus movement continues today and consists of people from every culture and religion on earth – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Pantheists, Agnostics. People from every culture embrace Jesus, simply Jesus. Though church tradition has diminished the person of Jesus, if we look, we will find he is more radical, more relational and more imperative than we have been taught to believe. Jesus trumps everything!”


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