Kingdom Secret


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TIM TIMMONS – Author of 14 best-selling books, Timmons continues to perform ‘psychological surgery’ upon his audiences with an effective use of real-life humor and life-principles. Presently Tim and Diana Timmons are working in the area of leadership development with the powerful and the poor of our world.

They are comfortable sitting with a King, President, Ambassador, or Sheik as with the poorest of the poor. Using their friendships
with national and international leaders Tim and Diana are able to make a significant impact upon the various cultures.

Tim and Diana are investing their lives and energies toward promoting spiritual revolution around the teachings and principles of Jesus.
One of their passions is to empower the youth of the world through establishing mentoring houses in the 7 primary cultures of the world— Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, Jews, Christians, Atheist/Agnostics and the Animists.