The 75 Secrets of Following Jesus Audio Book


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TIM TIMMONS – After writing 14 best-selling books, speaking on the largest secular platforms nationally and founding one of the early mega-Churches, Jesus apprehended Tim and Diana’s hearts to walk with Him. Tim became tired of talking so much about Jesus and had a deep desire to know Jesus and follow Him. “It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever set out to do!”

One of the early expressions of walking with Jesus and with other followers of Jesus was a daily podcast/blog. Seven years ago Tim began broadcasting these daily messages, Monday through Friday. “These dailies were an outgrowth of what Diana and I were learning and discussing every day of this Jesus journey.” Today, these podcast/blogs are echoing into more than 40 countries everyday. “The feedback we get each day is so encouraging, from Pasadena to Pakistan.”

“I was challenged by a young entrepreneur to give him a short list of what it means to follow Jesus. Two days later I was flying out to Washington, DC and began listing out what I felt was most important to know in following Jesus. Well, I arrived at 67 principles and then rounded them off at 75.” This is another series straight out of Timmons’ daily blogs. This is a rich study!

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