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The 5thsubtle ingredient is to walk with a few other followers. Authentic discipleship resists the tendency to walk alone.You see, “Where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus, He will show up.”. To me, the power of the few is very effective in separating Jesus from organized religion and is a must for all who are serious about following Jesus. The power of the few is what we have always sought within the organized church when we promote “small groups” of any kind. But even a small group may not get the results that we’re talking about in the “power of the few”. The real dynamic of the “power of the few” is genuine fellowship-participation in one another’s lives in such a way so as to develop a personal support system. This support system becomes so strengthening that it serves as your inner security system. I am stronger as I live my life in relationship with other brothers and sisters. 

We all need the powerful, interactive, relational support of other followers of Jesus in our lives. The power of the few is the dwelling place of the presence of Jesus, himself.  

We live in an age of mega-sizing! Bigger is better! Whatever is mega ought to be better than what is small-especially is this true with respect to ministries. The killer question that is always asked of a church or a ministry is: “How many?” The living myth is that Jesus is most pleased with these numbers and the masses. 

You see, within the context of the few, you are able to really get to know one another and put the principles and teachings into practice. This kind of experience is the taste of reality everyone is longing for. This is the Jesus movement at its best! 

We need Jesus to show up among us and lead out with his orders and opportunities. You see, Jesus won’t be found within the mega-church or mega-ministry as easily as within the context of the few. There’s nothing wrong with the mega-church or mega-ministry, but there is something far better that Jesus had in mind. This is what we want. This is what we desperately need Jesus prefers showing up when a few are gathered together in his name. If you knew Jesus was going to show up some place this week, wouldn’t you want to be there, too? 

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