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The 4thsubtle ingredient is to fulfill your unique roles in the world. Authentic discipleship accepts the two responsibilities Jesus has given-salt and light. 

Jesus reveals two of the most incredible roles he has reserved for those who follow him. Jesus says, “You ARE the salt of the earth!” It’s not that you might be or you could be, but you ARE. Salt was used as a preservative to counteract the decay in meat. In order for the salt to be effective it must be out of the salt-shaker and applied to the meat. Salt is the invisible presence of God. It must be sensed! You’re the salt in the world around you-the invisible presence of God among those you touch. Just by your presence there ought to be a preserving of purity, honesty and fairness. 

Jesus also says, “You ARE the light of the world!” Salt has a powerful, invisible nature to it; light has more of the visible presence of God. Salt must be sensed; light must be seen! Light counteracts the darkness! 

The visible presence of God consists of the energy of salt and the expression of light; it must be attractive and authentic! We are beyond the point where mere talk, no matter how sound, can make an impression. Demonstration is required. We must live what we talk, even in places where we cannot talk what we live.   

So, you enter any conversation with Jesus’ presence and Jesus’ power. The realization of the roles of being salt and light can change your attitude about your role in the conversation and can change the result. This is all because you are a disciple of Jesus!So, don’t ask Jesus to go with you and empower you, Jesus has already done that. You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

So, practice, practice, practice salt and light!

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