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There is something about Jesus that softens everything.  Being used to such physical comfort gets ‘thrown out the window’ when you are on a Jesus mission.
Both Tim and I were busy comforting and sharing almost every moment. Many times by the time we reach the buffet, it was empty. Didn’t phase us. No hot water at one point, didn’t phase us. It’s just all different here and it is beautiful.
My OPI nail polish ministry is going well. It’s amazing to see How ALL women want to look nice. It changes how they feel.
A funny story,  One young lady came up to me with one of those complements I have been getting about my appearance and ‘youthful look’.  Looking at her I knew she could take my ‘strange Diana’ humor.  I looked at her and said, “Well, I’d like to say that it is Jesus,  but it is really Make-Up.”
She laughed so hard and gave me a big hug. Yes the girls here care a lot about their appearance
And we girls are all the same.
Another high point for me was, as all the different countries were sharing their custom dances, Tamrat and Mulu joined in on stage with Ethiopia. It was a beautiful thing. Yes, after all those years of being in prison and Mulu and her kids fleeing for their lives, that night they were back home with their people they forgave, dancing. Tamrat did not miss a beat. He knew and danced them all. Along with Tigist who is now 18.
But mostly, we leave Uganda with a tie and community that can’t be broken. And we were able to connect them all with a book. THE WAY.  Thank you America

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