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I want to confess right up front that I am a newbie on the African front. I’ve been observing the Jesus movement in Africa since 1977 as a speaker to conferences. I’ve had the privilege of being more intensively interacting with African leadership since 2010. So, I admit my limitations in knowing and understanding the leadership landscape on the continent, I know there are so many strategic white leaders in the Jesus movement…some white Africans-Garth Collins, Marlo Badenhorst, and Mike Harries-and some white Americans who have chosen to make Africa their home and are making a major difference on many fronts-Tim Kreutter, Sam Owen, and Ward Brehm. There are so many more whom I either don’t know or can’t list all of them here. 

What I’ve come to realize is that what Africa desperately needs is black male and female leadership who are able to serve and train other Africans to be all that God has created them to be. Those who have impressed me the most is Pastor Muriithi of Mavuno Church and his team, who really get it about making disciples and launching initiatives for changing nations. Pastor M continues to train and produce materials for small groups to be change-agents. Simon Mbevi is doing some amazing things toward “transforming nations” and equipping leaders to make this a reality around Jesus. I know there are many more out there doing some terrific things. PLEASE INTRODUCE ME TO THOSE YOU KNOW! 

Jesus has given me the most incredible partner toward this end of changing nations and assisting African leadership in changing the world. In 2010, Jesus sent Diana and me, Tamrat & Mulu Layne, former Prime Minister and First Lady of Ethiopia, for us to work together. We are learning more and more how to work together, but the real effectiveness comes through working with black Africans who are willing and able to train leaders in small group discipleship. We don’t represent any religious organization; we are stubborn followers of Jesus without religious baggage and we are bent on making disciples of Jesus through small groups. 

No matter where we speak, our gig of simply making disciples becomes more attractive in every culture. We find that simply following in the steps and commands of Jesus is the most effective way to change a community, a city, or a nation. What’s amazing is that we get no push-back in any culture! SO, we are establishing training locations in the US and in Africa to multiply our efforts. We are more convinced than ever that Jesus alone is enough! Come along and help us. Young leaders are passionately ready; now they need the training to know what to do and where to start!

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