Get your Daily Encouragement with the Jesus Minute

Let’s briefly review the steps for the week.
First: To engage in conversation, get the person’s name and use it.
Second: To engage in conversation, actively listen to show your love.
Third: To engage in life-changing conversation, practice being the invisible presence of Jesus (SALT) and being the visible presence of Jesus (LIGHT) as Jesus has declared you to be.
If you passionately practice these things, your relational connection with others will be refreshing and appealing to everyone. Remember, your conversation is not an opening for you to teach, preach, convert, or move closer to closing a deal for Jesus. Conversation is not about you; it’s about introducing others to Jesus through your love and lifestyle.
With this in mind, once you have come to terms with practicing your roles of being salt and light, all conversations will take on a sense of mission. The mission won’t be about converting anyone to your way of thinking; it will be about exposing everyone to the love and freedom of Jesus for anyone who wants it.
I’m a believer in the power of questions. In speaking, it’s vital to ask the right questions in order to give relevant answers to your audience. Unfortunately, most speakers could give their talks without an audience, because they aren’t grappling with the relevant life questions. In therapy, the right questions pull whatever the deeper concerns are out of the patient. Regrettably, too many therapists are frustrated teachers who long to hear themselves talk and are weak on probing the patient for the real issues rumbling around inside.
I’ve discovered one question that always connects me with most any person and it connects me personally, quickly and genuinely. Once I pose the question and the person answers it, we are immediately bound together, focused and resonating on the same matter.
Here’s the question. Don’t miss it. Don’t overlook it! This is a prime question in every way.
Ask it often and mean it! Once you ask it, there may not be an immediate answer. No problem. Your follow-up is to say, “Well, think about it and let’s talk.” However, if you get an answer to your question, you are immediately thrust into action. And, you now have a nearly perfect Jesus connection. A need has been expressed and a follower of Jesus is posed to bring some level of healing to the situation, in the name of Jesus.

Practice asking, “What can I do to help?” into


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