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Last week, one of the men in our small group was eager to spread the Good News message of Jesus and asked, “What kind of group or organization can we launch to get the message out there into the world?” Yesterday and today’s powerful images answer this. No organization will work, but a movement will orbit throughout society and around the globe. Let’s look at them. 

The 4th powerful image of walking in step with Jesus is the power of the leaven. Jesus said: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast (leaven) that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” (Matthew 13:33) The power of the seed describes the incredible growth of the Kingdom, which grows from a small seed into a bush.

The power of the leaven illustrates that the Kingdom of God is irreversible. Nothing and no one can stop it from spreading-not communism, fascism, racism, religiosity, cults, false religions or any religious system. You see, when the Kingdom spreads it supersedes all sorts of movements and organizations. This is why to follow Jesus most effectively; we must be Kingdom people first and foremost. To be anything else is to be so much less! This is why your allegiance to a denomination or to a local church (a localized assembly in the name of Jesus) over the Kingdom is foolishness and will be proven to be so. 

When you meet King Jesus personally, you must sign off as king of your personal Kingdom and submit to your new King-Jesus.   

You know what’s interesting? The movement of the Kingdom is going on, no matter what you think, say or do. Our primary responsibility is to see where Jesus is at work and go there. The movement of Jesus and the Kingdom is already in motion. The question is whether or not you will join it or start your own. Remember, it’s irreversible! It cannot be stopped.

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