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Effective parenting is by far the most significant position on the planet. Within the realm of parenting there is basically a fork in the road. One way is the path toward reproducing a valuable generation. The other way is the path toward reproducing a vulnerable generation.
There’s a myth in the minds of many families. They believe if they make sure their kids attend Church where they can receive spiritual input and direction, then they are fulfilling their “spiritual” responsibility toward their kids in the best way possible. This is simply NOT true!
Three things to keep in mind: (1) You are the expert on influencing and mentoring your kids. Your kids are more influenced by you as parents and grandparents than any spiritual or religious minister.
(2) Kids have always left their spiritual and religious institutions for a few years and then come back; today, kids aren’t coming back. There is a major resistance to receive anything from the institutions of our world. They have learned not to trust the institutions as an adequate and relevant delivery system for their lives.
(3) Jesus is most frequently left out of the spiritual and religious education of our kids today. Most religious institutions are not teaching Jesus and his teachings. Most of the curriculum for children and teens tends to be the biographical stories out of the Old Testament. I recently met with the leadership of the largest child evangelism ministry in the world. They have great difficulty defining the Gospel, because to them the Gospel is complicated. To me, the Gospel is simply Jesus and not complicated at all!
Worst of all, too many parents and grandparents are deaf and not listening to their children. A few weeks ago, I met with a “godly” mother, who happens to be a Bible teacher. When I asked about her children, she shared her displeasure with her daughter who refuses to attend Church and isn’t buying Christianity. I shared with her that her daughter is turned off like so many young people, however I’ve seen so many like her who are attracted to simply Jesus. Then, this mother shocked me with, “You and I disagree. I believe our kids must be brought back into the Church no matter what.” No matter what? Leaving Jesus behind in this way is to miss out on Jesus altogether. And, if Jesus is diminished or missing, then our kids will never come to know him for themselves.
Jesus alone is enough. Jesus plus anything else is nothing. Jesus plus nothing is everything. Jesus minus nothing is just Jesus. In my personal experience with the millennial generation, they are wonderfully attracted to Jesus. They find him irresistible and compelling! The millennial generation, our kids, want to change the world and they believe they can. This generation is going to change the world. Who will they follow as their leader, their Master? I’m doing my best to make sure that it’s Jesus, simply Jesus.



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