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SECRET #1 of following Jesus is: The follower of Jesus loves God with all his heart. Just as Jesus lived His life in a loving relationship with the Creator God He called His Father, so are you as a follower of Jesus to do the same. This first part of the greatest commandment-to love God with all your heart-was not even listed as one of the 10 commandments. It’s because this is way more important than even God’s big 10.

This is so similar to the first of the 10 commandments: You shall have no other gods before Me. There are three specific meanings here. FIRST-You shall have no other gods instead of Me! God wants to be your God without any substitute.

SECOND-You shall have no other gods in front of Me! God takes offense at even seeing any other god placed in front of Him.

THIRD-You shall have no other gods in addition to Me! God is against any sort of add-ons. The God of gods wants to be just that to you-the God of gods!

Why? What motivates the follower of Jesus to love God with all his heart? I’ve come up with, at least, five motivating factors-five things the follower of Jesus knows in his heart of hearts.

1-He knows God is the God of gods. There is no doubt; God is God and you are not.

2-He knows God is the source of life, goodness and wholeness. Therefore he focuses on God with all of his heart. He loves Him.

3-He knows God is there and cares. God is not distant, but very present and God is love.

4-He knows God knows him the best and loves him the most. Think of it! God knows every little weakness and flaw and yet still loves you unconditionally.

5-He knows, no matter how far away from God he may feel or how distracted he has become away from his personal relationship and experience with the God of gods through Jesus, there is a safe place for him to start over. That safe place is to return and start over with doing your best to love God with all your heart, mind, strength, and body and to love your neighbor as yourself. This restart button is based God’s unconditional and unrelenting love.

This is why the follower of Jesus loves God with all his heart. So, how about you? Do you love God with all your heart or just enough to get by? Think it over!



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