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Nairobi, Kenya was only an hour flight. We were picked up by our 3 women hostess’s that you will here much about.
These three young women had a burning in their hearts for small groups. One of them Rachael quit her job at the university and has dedicated her life to organizing small groups. That’s the main reason we are in Kenya. She  and her friends have started over 100 small groups. We will be meeting their leaders over a period of a week. We have invested in them and sent ahead 5 boxes of THE WAY. This tool is going to help then tremendously. As of this week we are hoping The Way can be ordered digitally. It’s the only cost effective way here.
Here is the fun part. Each evening the different group leaders will be coming to us.
Rachael and Shiku  set us up in a condo. So last nite we went to a Nairobi mall to by essentials to set up house keeping. You know, things like soap, salt, water, snacks for our visitors and etc. I’m even making chicken noodle soup.  It looks like the ‘Martha’ in me has followed me to Africa.
Getting out of the mall with all our bags, continuing to go through security each load of bags was a ‘hoot’.  Even I laughed as tired as I was. Then to find a cab that would take us back ‘home’.
It is very cold here. With no heat we decided to buy a small heater. The girls went out late at night, yes finding a cab, and found a heater that we are all enjoying.
This part of the world is so different, yet so much the same.
Today we are making a 2 hour drive to a village that is all being introduced to small groups.
Stay tuned! Tell you friends where to find this blog! And pray for our safety and wisdom!

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