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The first 4 snapshots or beatitudes are about your relationship before God. They are quite personal—poor in spirit, mourning, meekness and hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The second 4 are internal qualities also before God regarding our relationship with others.

Now, let’s move on to the fifth snapshot or beatitude. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” (Matthew 5:7) Being merciful is to reach out with compassion to everyone. This means to identify with others’ needs or plight in life in a compassionate way. Insert yourself into their shoes as best you can. Search for how you might best assist them. Initiate a positive effect toward the people in the world around you, even though they may not deserve it. That’s mercy!

NOTE, whatever energy you give out, you receive it back at that very moment. This is reciprocal in nature. It’s an interesting principle of life. When you give out something to another person, you receive it by the very act of giving it away. So, when you show mercy to someone, you feel this same mercy coming over you. When you show forgiveness to another, you feel this same sense of forgiveness right back at you. Reaching out with compassion is a source of healing for those you touch and for yourself, so that everyone gets better. Don’t forget, this is not just an action toward another person; it’s an attitude that is most natural and present within the Kingdom lifestyle.

In order to grasp what it means to be a person who shows mercy to everyone—even to lead with mercy, it’s vital to embrace the progressive nature of these snapshots. It’s nearly impossible to show compassion to another person, when you are filled with pride and haughtiness. SO, refocus on being poor in spirit where you can have a right evaluation of yourself before God. Mourn over that which keeps you from God. Count on the quiet, controlled confidence only God can produce. Then, by hungering and thirsting for walking consistently with God’s standard, Jesus, himself, you are now ready and able to show mercy to everyone you meet. When you have received this kind of grace from God, it’s much easier to give out mercy to others.

If you are so caught up in yourself, then you won’t find it easy to extend mercy to another person at most any level. So, beginning with a sincere acknowledgment of your desperate need for God, reach out to all those around you with sincere compassion. And, you will receive it right back in the process. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”



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