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Alexander Shaia recently coined the term, Quadratos-the four-fold journey of spiritual transformation. The four progressive paths of Quadratos correspond to the four gospels and the four great questions of the spiritual life. These four progressive phases correspond with four universal principles that I’ve taught for years as the keys to leadership development. Jesus is the model, the tester, the joy, and the one who calls you into action as a leader. 

Each gospel’s question and practice is revealed within these experiences.MATTHEW answers the question: “How do we face change?” Our world is a mess and has always been in need of changing. This change is the Character factor of Jesus! Jesus’ message of Good News is the standard the world needs. 

MARK answers the question: “How do we move through suffering?” Once you embrace the process of changing your character, it must be put to the test. This is what I call the Crucible factor, which tests out your genuineness. 

JOHN answers the question: “How do we experience joy?” Joy is fully experienced in the context of the Community factor. It’s the power of the few! 

LUKE answers the question: “How do we grow in service to others?” This is the Calling factor. This is the Jesus lifestyle, so we can learn to walk the walk! 

If you want to become a leader who possesses the power for turning the world upside down and inside out, you can’t do better than to study under the Master Teacher. Jesus develops leaders best! 

The Book of Acts, which I call the 5th Gospel, is an extension of Luke’s Gospel. It’s called the Acts of the Apostles. To me, it should be titled the ACTS OF JESUS. We have found it extremely helpful over the years to bathe new followers of Jesus into walking this four-fold path. We’ve entered this path to spiritual life in Jesus, by absorbing how Jesus’ presence worked after the resurrection and how his presence works in us today. 

SO, we are going to walk through the Acts of Jesus for the next 28 days as we have done over the years. Absorb these acts and movement of Jesus for yourself by going through these 28 chapters of Acts. 

In a recent yoga class, our teacher entered the room and said: “If you are here, on your mat and breathing, you’re already done!” I was blown away by this! Jesus, our Life-Coach and Teacher says it this way: “Religion says DO, DO, DO, but I invite you into a lifestyle of DONE! I’ve DONE IT ALL FOR YOU…NOW, FOLLOW ME!”

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