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Jesus made his wishes known, when he articulated this primary command for all of his followers. He said, ” MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.” (Matthew 28:18-20)
Making disciples of one nation or all nations requires the same action–the planting of the seeds of the Good News of the Kingdom. This is the primary activity of Kingdom living. It’s all about planting, not churches, but seeds of the gospel! Whatever else the planting of seeds may mean, the bottom-line is introducing people to the Good News of Jesus and the Kingdom.Several weeks ago I wrote about discipleship being the grand missing link in most of our efforts of ministering to people here and around the world. So, if we are not about the work of making disciples, then what can be done to either activate discipleship or to become somehow proactive in doing what Jesus has commanded.You see, in my way of thinking, Jesus is the game changer! Jesus is the Good News and he is the only one who can manage and empower the planting and discipleship processes. Jesus’ message was so simple! The greatest commandment is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself! Therefore, what’s desperately needed is less talk about love and more loving. In the same way, what we need is less talk about Jesus and more simply being Jesus toward others. Being Jesus in your talking, walking, thinking and loving. Jesus is the game changer!

Yesterday, Tamrat and I spoke to the students of Vail Christian High School. We had about 45 minutes to share our thinking and hearts about the purpose of life. We are not a flashy show of entertainment and every time we speak to a group, no matter the makeup, the audience sits quietly and, for the most part, listens intently. It happened again here in Vail! The Principal shared with us that she never sees this kind of response and she heard students discussing what we shared as they walked out. I never get used to getting this response, when I team up with Tamrat. It’s always a direct hit for Jesus and the Kingdom…It’s a game-changer!


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