Advancing the Conversation of Jesus

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Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to say to make a difference in your world? Have you ever wondered what role you might be able to play, spiritually? Growing up, I always felt inadequate at the thought of ever entering into any spiritual conversation, because I never felt I knew what to say. Have you ever felt that way?

In addition to this feeling of inadequacy, I was painfully shy as a kid. I’m convinced this feeling is so universal about those who want to follow Jesus, that it becomes a major hindrance in impacting the world around us. This was seriously my lot in life, until I understood one of Jesus’ teachings. This new understanding of what Jesus taught changed my life and added a whole new dimension to my confidence and purpose.

Here’s what Jesus taught. He said, “You are the salt of the earth.” (Matthew 5) This is one of the most revolutionary teachings ever! In this teaching, Jesus is giving a new role to everyone who wants to follow him. Salt was used to counteract the decay in meat as a preservative, simply by its presence of touching the meat.

Jesus makes a big deal about those who follow him, who now have a new role. We are salt that functions as a preservative against the decay in the world around us. We function as salt with everyone we touch, in every social situation, and in every area of society. This is how our culture has an opportunity to be transformed. It’s like an instant promotion! He doesn’t say, “You can become the salt of the earth, but you ARE the salt of the earth.” Now, get this! By our very presence of touching people, we can have an effect! Salt is invisible and must be sensed, so enjoy your role of Kingdom infiltration. You can make a significant difference, just by showing up!

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