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We led 40 pilgrims on a Jesus study tour of Israel and Jordan to experience the ACTS OF JESUS! We had three primary goals as a group…1) To get to know Jesus better, 2) To get to know one another better, & 3) To listen for what Jesus might say to each of us individually. AND, ALL THREE THINGS HAPPENED! 

We experienced 10 nights in-country. We spent three nights around the Sea of Galilee…Nazareth, Capernaum, Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, and one of the most meaningful baptisms we’ve ever experienced. 

It was an aggressive adventure, because we added on a side trip to Jordan. The Romans ruins of Jerash, where Jesus may have been, when Lazarus died. We made it through the rain and cloudy skies to visit Mt. Nebo, where God allowed Moses a most amazing vista to see the Promised Land that he would not be able to enter. God also opened the skies for us to enjoy this incredible view for ourselves. And, then when we went into the Rock City of Petra, the skies opened again for a beautiful visit to one of the Wonders of the World. 

We met up with our Guide & Bus, as we crossed the border back into Israel. We made the long trip up to the Dead Sea to our hotel in time for dinner. Several dipped in the Dead Sea for a very different experience. THEN, we visited the famous Masada, the Qumran Caves, Ein Gedi, and made our way to my favorite city, Jerusalem. For Diana and I, we always feel we are coming home, when entering the Holy City of Jerusalem. 

We walked the Via de la Rosa, prayed at the Wailing Wall, and sat on the southern steps that Jesus used to enter and exit the Temple. There are so many sites to walk where Jesus walked and to reflect. One of our favorites is to visit the Garden Tomb, where we reflect a bit by taking ‘communion’ together. We saw the Shepherd’s Fields, Bethlehem, and enjoyed the new peaceful border crossing there. 

On our last night, we had our Farewell Dinner and affirmed each pilgrim, giving out awards for each to remember their trip. Our time of affirmation together was a terrific experience. This group DID learn more about Jesus, DID learn to love one another, even folding in our guide, Kenny and his wife, and our group DID hear from Jesus in action while we moved from place to place. Our “Pilgrim of the Year” award was presented to Brad Dinsmore, recently out of knee surgery. It was unanimous! This group experienced the love of Jesus throughout the entire trip! Jesus is still acting today in Israel and right where you are right now!

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