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Instead of planting churches, Jesus taught extensively about the planting of seed. In fact, the sowing of seed seems to be the primary activity in the Kingdom of God Jesus taught.

In Matthew’s version of this teaching Jesus says that he is the sower. When Jesus was physically on the earth, his words were pitched out to those who listened to him. Today,

Jesus is still sowing the seed, but now he is doing it through our lives and through the stories of those who are following him. Jesus refers to the seed sown in three ways: The seed is the “word of God.” The seed is the “message of the Kingdom.” The seed is the “sons of the Kingdom.” (Matthew 13; Luke 8)

Jesus seems to view the seed sown in and through the sons of the Kingdom as the word of God and the message of God’s KingdomThis is what his primary message was as he taught throughout the villages and synagogues. Therefore, the word of God-the message of the Kingdom-is the active presence of God, working within, among and through the followers of Jesus in the form of a seed. 

Its effect on you and through you is determined by your response to the seed. It’s all a matter of responsiveness. Note that you are not responsible to bring forth the fruit, but the power of the seed will produce the fruit if planted in the good soil. I’ve come to realize that these soils are dynamic in our lives. 

So, it’s not Church-planting that has incredible, irreversible and fruitful growth; it’s the planting of the seed-the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom.

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