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Much of the divisiveness of our world today has been brought about by our political, religious, and educational leaders in their attempts to divide people through ‘class warfare’. If you choose to embrace the vision of advancing the conversation of Jesus, you have the privilege of participating in the most unique power in the universe-the power of unifying the world.
Here’s one of the best definitions of morality, the best that man can do without God. “In a given society, in a given era of that society, morality is the generally-accepted standards of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct, and what is considered by that society as good or bad behavior of a person, group or entity.” This is best understood as ‘group-think’ and is the best that man can do!
I find it limiting and dangerous to allow “group-think” or group consensus to set the morals or ethics in a given society. There are so many examples of this going sideways and becoming destructive, due to an emerging corruption within a given society. To mention only a few…. In given societies, antisemitism has reigned and slaughtered millions of Jews. It wasn’t just Hitler. He convinced the society to go along with his thinking and to a very real extent it became the morally right thing to do. In Rwanda, the two main tribes (whether Christian, Muslim, or agnostic) based their hatred on a heavy consensus that was bred into them from birth. The black/white, racial issues, continue to be fueled. The Israeli/Palestinian societies are an ancient and continual antagonistic struggle, each embracing a certain ethic, depending on their agreed-upon consensus of morality. And, within their individualized groups, they have agreed upon certain moral and ethical standards that they live by and hold one another to be accountable.
What is lacking is a model. It seems there is a necessity for a higher power that sets the moral and ethical bars of what is ultimately and universally right and wrong. The Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and agnostic cultures do have universals. The diversity and antagonism between them is complicated and tainted by the many add-ons and the need for a method of conversion to make others think and believe alike. This is where following the teachings and principles of Jesus without religious baggage does work to bring the world together, without feeling the need to destroy others who disagree. Jesus alone unites; everything else (even the consensus of group-think) divides.
I want to advance the conversation of Jesus and the Kingdom. The Kingdom is the living out of the principles and teachings of Jesus. So, advancing the conversation of the Kingdom is to encourage the kind of behavior that Jesus would do or suggest that we do. You can advance the conversation by just being Jesus wherever you go-talking, walking, loving, and thinking like Jesus. You may not even mention his name at first. The message will get through and the conversation will eventually happen. This is practicing the presence of Jesus, the King of kings and the King of all kingdoms.





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