Get your Daily Encouragement with the Jesus Minute

I am convinced that God is continually at work on our behalf all day long. He is always at work whether we notice it or not! It all comes down to the awareness factor. If you are aware that God is working in and around you throughout the day, lots of good things happen to you. First: You will enjoy your spiritual journey fully as an adventure. If you aren’t aware, then you’re most likely to live your life with more anxiety and worry. Second: You will find yourself living life with a sense of gratefulness throughout your day. If you aren’t aware of what’s really going on in the spiritual world around you, then you tend to either take the credit for the good things that happen or blame others for the things that go wrong.
What’s been most helpful to me and others is to work on our awareness levels. I think the best way is to actively look for Jesus at work around you. We call them Jesus sightings! When you notice a Jesus sighting and report it, you not only increase your awareness level; you increase the awareness factor of others.
We’re working on ways to expedite a greater awareness factor for Jesus followers within the Jesus movement. Start with the realization and conviction that God is at work all day long on your behalf.
For years I’ve taught this in terms of “divine appointments”. There are three divine appointments to look for every day. Upon waking up in the morning, ask, “Jesus, what do you have in store for me today?” Then look for one of these three divine appointments. FIRST: Scheduled appointments. These are actual appointments that are on your calendar for the day. These are known and you can even pray for those you’ll be meeting. SECOND: Spontaneous appointments. These are people you know at some level, yet you don’t really have a scheduled time to meet with them. THIRD: Surprise appointments. This is an encounter with someone you don’t know and contact is made with this person in your day.
There are two universal truths for divine appointments. (1) None of these are surprises for God. The principle here is: God is busily setting them up and what He wants from you and me is to show up!
(2) The second universal truth is that all divine appointments are set up to teach you something significant. So, at every divine appointment, with expectancy, ask, “Jesus, what are you teaching me through this encounter.”
If you scan the 5 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts), you’ll note that every encounter Jesus has with people, the people are never the same again. Something really good happens most every time. Look for Jesus to show up in your life every day. Remember, God sets them up. All He wants you to do is show up!



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