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When I first encountered the all-inclusive ways of Jesus, I was introduced to a prolific speaker and author, known as E. Stanley Jones. As my son-in-law and I began reading Jones’ writings, we were shocked that he had been thinking and experiencing the same things we were sharing. His experience was in the early 1900’s as Jones’ landed in India to bring Jesus to the Hindu people. His discovery of Jesus’ ways in a different culture literally freed our thinking to do the same.

The first book we read changed our thinking radically about Jesus. It was Christ On the Indian Road, where Jones boldly introduced Jesus into the Hindu culture and found a great acceptance. He says, “Jesus does not stand before the blind and the leper and the poor and the sinner and discourse philosophically on why they are in such condition, but lays his hands of sympathy upon them and heals them through his servants; and more-he puts his gentle but condemning finger upon the conscience of the hale and hearty Pharisee in the crowd and asks why he has allowed Jesus to be separated from these dear people.”

Jones says, “Jesus is confronting men everywhere. He has got hold of us. A Hindu lawyer of fine ability gave an address to which I listened on the topic, ‘The Inescapable Christ.’ He said: “We have not been able to escape him. There was a time when our hearts were bitter and sore against him, but he is melting them by his own winsomeness. Jesus is slowly but surely entering all men in India-all men.'”

SO, “How is it possible to limit or demarcate the lines of the Kingdom anymore? He steps beyond them, and shocked and frightened like the Pharisees of other days, we stand and wonder how far he will go in his warm sympathy and understanding. He eats with publicans and sinners and with the Hindu, too. No wonder H. G. Wells in summing up the influence of Jesus upon human history in his Outline of History exclaims, ‘The Galilean has been too great for our small hearts.'”

Now, here’s my point. If Jesus brings positive transformation in every life he encounters, then doesn’t it make sense for us to introduce everyone we can to this Jesus? You see, when Jesus shows up, no one is ever the same again!

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