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I want to share with you some discouraging observations about the early disciples, which is somewhat encouraging to disciples today. The early disciples’ lives were messy while with Jesus, even at the pinnacle of their time with Jesus as he sent them on their greatest mission.

Check out a surprising, messy response before Jesus commanded them to make disciples of him in all nations. But the eleven disciples proceededto Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated.When they saw Him, they worshipedHim; butsome were doubtful.These were the 11 disciples Jesus came to train-the work Jesus told the Father that he had come to accomplish. These are the 11 that were left of the 12 who were chosen.

These are the young men, mostly teens, who had participated in performing miracles of healing, successfully resisting evil, and feeding 5000 and 4000 at a time, all from very little. AND, these, after all of their supernatural experiences with Jesus, some of these were still in a state of doubt-still doubting him and what was going on! This blows my mind!

Well, it blows my mind, UNTIL I look at my own lifestyle of doubting and not trusting the only one who has been my rock and faithful friend for so many years. How about you?

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