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Advancing the conversation of Jesus is to enter into conversation with others who come into your life. We’ve articulated the 5 basic factors of what a conversation is all about, when you are a follower of Jesus. You’ll find yourself personalizing your conversation. You’ll feel real good about this, because you can see that you made that person feel good about himself. You’ll be diligent to be pulling the stories out of those you meet. You’ll find yourself playing out the presence of Jesus in your people encounters. You’ll have the privilege through participating in posing the prime question of all conversational encounters: “What can I do to help?” And, as a follower of Jesus, you’ll know that you are partnering with Jesus as your friend. Jesus becomes your best ally and backup! These conversational principles will set your life course toward enjoying a great spiritual adventure!
To me, advancing the conversation of Jesus is the best description of what followers of Jesus are to be doing with everyone we meet. So, every event and every encounter has this underlying hope and prayer to be able to introduce Jesus without religious baggage. I’ve come to know this Jesus as the most attractive and irresistible person ever!
Jesus didn’t just teach the truth, he is the truth. He doesn’t call us to simply know things but to know him. He teaches us to be with him not to walk in lockstep with everything he said without doubts or questions or confusion. But to walk alongside him-to watch and to learn. He doesn’t weigh us down with the law. He lightens our load with his love. And step by step with him, day by day with him, we will learn to live freely and lightly.
We recently spent nineteen days in East Africa with some of the most dedicated and effective followers of Jesus. These leaders make it their business to be about the business of being discipled and discipling others. Some of them have given up their professions to do so. We think and pray for these remarkable people every day!
While in Nairobi, we adopted a saying that stuck with us throughout. Early in our time there, we began saying, “Let’s play it by ear!” It didn’t take long before that became one of the bylines of our daily activity. Then it hit me! That’s a great way to live our lives with Jesus. PLAY IT BY EAR! If we learn to practice playing it by ear, there is a greater likelihood of actually hearing what Jesus wants to do and say.
In a sense, this is precisely what healthy and productive conversation is: PLAYING IT BY EAR! I want to direct your thinking toward practicing what it means to play it by ear as you walk with Jesus. Jesus’ conversation principles work in every context-family, friends, work, and in your community!




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