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Where is your spiritual home? Where is the safest place to be, the place where you may find Jesus or God? Most spiritual people say it is their Church, Synagogue, Cathedral, Mosque, or Temple. As always, Jesus answers these questions by his actions. Jesus only performed 3 miracles inside a religious institution. Most all he did was outside the 4 holy walls. Therefore, if you are looking for Jesus, you might expect to find him outside of your religious organization. Jesus is antithetical to religiosity. Religion is man’s best attempts, organized loosely or very rigidly, to find God. Jesus is God’s best attempt to find man in every culture.

This is consistent with what Jesus’ first words were to the crowds on earth. He said: “Repent (change your mind about where you are), the Kingdom of Heaven is near, here and among you all (right here, right now). (Matthew 4) Jesus was challenging those who heard him to wake up to the truth that there is good news of a new Kingdom-a new way of living life-available to anyone who wants it right now.

This new way of living occurred, when Jesus came to earth! AND, everything Jesus lived and taught were examples and expressions of this new Kingdom, this new way of living life! Jesus didn’t come to establish, organize, and invite people to join a Church. Jesus came to establish a movement, where a new way of living out his teachings could be a reality on earth, as it is in heaven.

SO, there’s man’s earthly kingdom of control and organization, filled with the haves and the have-nots, the stressed and the stressors. Then, there is the Kingdom-the dome where the King lives and has his way of offering love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and freedom to all who want it. NOW, which do you choose? The limited kingdom of man or the unlimited Kingdom of Jesus? What will it be for you?

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