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We’ve been discussing the ins and outs of Jesus sightings for quite some time. NOW, we have come to the time for you to make a Jesus sighting more effectively.
Jesus sightings are missed most frequently with predictable results. (1) The initial problem is being in a continuous state of being unaware of what Jesus is doing all around you. (2) And even when we do become aware to some extent that Jesus has just acted in our presence, we tend to forget what we heard and saw Jesus do. If you are either unaware of or forget what Jesus has done in your life, (3) there is a tendency to make false conclusions about what you may have seen from Jesus. For many followers of Jesus, (4) missing the Jesus sightings in your life make you feel alone and that you’re nobody special.
BUT according to Jesus, you are to play three roles in life. You are actually the salt of the earth, the light of the world, and are a special friend of Jesus, who is eager for you to acknowledge what you see him doing in and around you. He is so eager that he urges his followers to ask anything in his name and Jesus, himself, will act upon this request.
So, I’ve been thinking how you and I might be able to identify Jesus sightings in such a way that we might embrace them for all their worth in our lives. Here are a few suggestions for doing this.
FIRST: See it! Train yourself to look for Jesus at work in and around you. Now, it’s not enough to just see it.
SECOND: Name it for what it is! Identify what you think you see Jesus is up to in you and around you in others’ lives. You’ve seen it; now claim it as a Jesus sighting to yourself. Don’t let this amazing move of Jesus to slip out of sight or out of your mind.
THIRD: Record the Jesus sighting somehow! Write it down. Make note of it. Tell yourself again what you just saw or sensed.
FOURTH: Report this Jesus sighting as you see it or sensed it to someone else! Report it to me! I’d love to hear what you’ve seen or sensed. What are you seeing Jesus do in you and in others around you? Tell me what’s happening in your world?
What’s happening in Nepal, Dominican Republic, Manila, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Benin, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ohio, Washington, Montana, New York, California, Virginia, London, Brussels, Berlin, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, or from wherever you are?
Tell your Jesus sighting in the past, present, or what you’re anticipating in the future. REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND SHARE YOUR JESUS SIGHTING! Let’s encourage one another by sharing what Jesus is doing in the largest movement on earth…THE JESUS MOVEMENT!



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