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I am disappointed in myself in that I thought a daily journal would be easy. Well…..I will try to do better. Surviving the schedule and requests for mentoring leaves little time to eat and sleep. But it is SO worth it.
The 20 countries represented here hold some of the most strategic ‘Jesus followers’ I’ve ever met.
Their commitment is huge.  Most of the 200 young people have arrived by bus. Some going home at night if they can to help their wives put the children to bed. They are a new generation, mostly without their parents being alive, carrying on with enthusiasm and hope for a new Africa.
I’ve had a real education in all the tribal confrontations. We think we have it hard with republicans and democrats. Their issues make me weep with concern.
We love these Africans and you will too.
They are such lovers and all 200 call Tim and I by our first names or by Mama and Papa.
The launching of ‘THE WAY’ yesterday was a thrill for all four of us. ‘Layne’s and Timmons’. They realize they were the first. Getting the boxes of books here made us cut our clothes packed in half. Not a bad idea anyway.
My ‘OPI nail polish ministry is going well and is so much fun. Thank you to 17th STREET BEAUTY SUPPLY, in Costa Mesa.
YES, that little touch of beauty works in a big way.  Even in Africa. You would have thought we gave the girls a car.
Also thank you to Kristi at Neiman Marcus who sent us with small boxes of JO Malone samplers. Making women feel special gives me such joy.
Today is filled with small group participation, Tim and Tamrat speaking, and of course praying, eating and Dancing. Our Africans know how to be happy amidst their huge Obstacles. Great mentors to us.
Big Hugs and requests for your continued prayers.
Keep in touch for more news from Africa.

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