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Earlier Jesus contrasted two ways of storing up your treasures. One is to store up for yourself earthly treasures and the other is to store up for yourself heavenly treasures. Earthly treasures are usually a focus on the visible stuff in our lives. To have your focus on earthly visible stuff will produce in you darkness even to your psychological and physical being. To have your focus on heavenly treasures is to keep your spiritual eyes on the invisible dimensions of life.
I’ve had the privilege of speaking at many memorial services which ministers to the family and friends who are experiencing the sorrow and the loss. At a time such as this there is very little talk, if any, about the visible, earthly treasures collected over the years. The primary discussion is about the invisible stuff that matters most-a series of reflections on the attitudes and actions of the departed one that have been observed over the years. What’s interesting is that in order for these reflections to be observed, they all had to be in the context of relationships. You can see people relating, but the heart of relationships consists of the invisible. These are the heavenly treasures that last forever.
Then Jesus makes it clear that if you choose to build your life around heavenly treasures instead of the earthly ones, you will enjoy a healing light in your heart and throughout your whole body. And, if you live your life in this direction toward God and full of light inside, you don’t have any reason to worry about the necessities of life. So, stop your worrying!
One of the insights Jesus gives to encourage you to stop your worrying is rarely talked about, but I think it’s one of the most important of all. He mentions in passing that God already knows what your needs are. In other words, God is not surprised when something comes up in your life. He is not surprised! To me, this is one of the most comforting thoughts ever. Since God is not surprised with your situation, there is no reason to worry when things go wrong or don’t go in the right direction you were hoping.
Think about it this way. The next time you face a difficult, tragic, or seemingly impossible situation, remember that Jesus didn’t just wake up this morning and say, “Wow, look what Timmons is going through today. I wonder what needs to be done.” No, wherever you are going in your life, Jesus is already there. Instead of saying, “Jesus, where are you? Why me? Why now?”, say, “OK, Jesus, I know you are with me and will come through on my behalf, so what do you want me to do and what do you want me to learn in this situation?” Count on it! Jesus is not asleep in your boat. He is actively working in your life and is in control. Jesus is still on his throne and the Kingdom revolution is still on today in your life. So, every morning I pray, “Jesus, what do you have in mind for me today? Whatever it is, I’m in!”



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