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In 2016, I started the year with a challenge to embrace 10 New Year’s Resolutions. It was an unraveling of several thoughts that were rumbling around inside me. The response was very enthusiastic and encouraging, however as with most well-intended resolutions, the follow-through increasingly dwindled without becoming a lifestyle in most cases.
The problem wasn’t a lack of good information. I’m convinced the problem is that the information never moved into being transformational. I’ve discussed this with a few friends and have given lots of thought on how transformation can become a reality for more people. Again, my son’s words come into play here about how we need to pay more attention to how we practice what we’re hearing from Jesus and what we believe we are to be doing.
In order to practice more effectively what we hear from Jesus, it seems that understanding the context for our application is very important. If we can understand better how we are to practice what Jesus says and even more so, who are we to be practicing on, then maybe we can move a little closer to true transformation in our lives.
In every book I’ve ever set out to write and for every ministry we’ve set out to launch, the question is always asked, “Who is your market?” This may sound a bit strange as we speak of Jesus and his Kingdom, but it really isn’t. Jesus was crystal clear about his market, both in his teachings and in his actions.
We’ve been finding the younger generation is unusually receptive to the message of simply Jesus and the Kingdom. This is the same positive receptivity we’ve been getting everywhere we go. My brother, Tamrat, gets such a positive response wherever he speaks around the world. My son, Tim, sees it as he travels the USA in his concerts and the many radio interviews he does. At first glance, it seemed as if the calling was maybe a refocus of our work on young people. THEN, IT HIT ME! It’s not just youth who is our market; it’s those who have ears to hear and eyes to see Jesus and hear his message. So the market strategy for the message of Jesus is not only the youth, but all who present themselves with ears to hear and eyes to see. This is precisely the Jesus way and the marketplace as he saw it. Jesus sought out those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
So, this week let’s practice looking for those in our lives who are most open, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Do any come to mind right now? Make a list of their names and we’ll continue tomorrow.




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