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The ‘show mentality’ may have started many decades ago within the Church you attended. There are, at least, 4 contributing factors to the ‘show mentality’. (1) It’s modeled in most Churches, with one lead pastor up front, speaking to the spectators, many eager to attend the show of the week. The emphasis on the ‘show’ is what everyone expects. (2) The governing board members see their roles to make sure there is a gifted lead pastor up front who can draw the people to the ‘show’, devise fund-raising programs to pay for the ‘show’, and do all they can do to promote the ‘show’. I know of several Churches in California who have exchanged their present “boring” pastor for a more charismatic “attractive” one for the ‘show’. I’ve always said the “Reformation didn’t go far enough!” The Church was no longer ruled by one Pope; each Church is now ruled and led by their own little pope-the lead pastor!

(3) The breeding ground for Church leadership also has the ‘show mentality’. Most seminaries and Bible colleges are doing so much to produce the best lead pastor for the ‘show’. This has always been bothersome to me. Everyone in those learning institutions is not going to be the best ‘show leader’. There are many amazing men and women who can function as a team, yet are pressured by the emphasis on the ‘show’. 

(4) The 80 minute ‘show’ of the week is all-consuming! Most of the budget, staff, and volunteers are focused on this week’s ‘show’. I know this well! I ran ‘the show’ for nearly 24 years and with a terrific staff, we ran it well! I mean, we had a great show and loved doing it. We had lots of followers, but we did very little on purpose to develop leaders. This factor motivated my son, Tim, to launch a ministry called 10000 MINUTES ( WHY? Because the Church only spends 80 out of 10,080 minutes per week, attending and watching the ‘show’ and ignores the 10,000 minutes of the rest of the week.   


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