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A workshop I now present, ”FULL ESTEEM AHEAD”, has been in process since December 17, 1971, when I was first promoted into a lifetime position—THE DAD! I faced this new position with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I felt very confident and ready for the challenge. But, on the other hand, I was scared to death of this incredible responsibility. I never could get away from the thought that whatever I did, good or bad, I was working with an indelible marker that would be there for life!

Parenthood is by far the most significant position on the planet. There is basically a fork in the road. One way is the path toward reproducing a valuable generation. The other way is the path toward reproducing a vulnerable generation.


The Spiritual Myth

There’s a myth in the minds of many families. They believe if they make sure their kids attend Church where they can receive spiritual input and direction, then they are fulfilling their “spiritual” responsibility toward their kids in the best way possible. This is simply NOT true!

Three observations come to mind: (1) You are the expert on influencing and mentoring your kids. Your kids are more influenced by you as parents and grandparents than any spiritual or religious minister. Kids today go to their parents for advice before anyone else…and they are watching and modeling you!

(2) Kids have always left their spiritual and religious institutions for a few years and then come back; today, kids aren’t coming back. There is a major resistance to receive anything from the institutions of our world…religious, political, and educational. They have learned not to trust the institutions as an adequate and relevant delivery system for their lives.

(3) Jesus is most frequently left out of the spiritual and religious education of our kids today. Most religious institutions are not teaching Jesus and his teachings. Most of the curriculum for children and teens tends to be the biographical stories out of the Old Testament.

“You cannot pass anything along to your child, unless you own it.”


  • What if we had a constant flow of resources for parents and grandparents to better prepare them for the awesome responsibility of parenting?

We already have several great resources for you to improve your game plan for reproducing a valuable generation through your kids. Your children are your primary accomplishments in this world, so handle them with care.

“Insanity Is Hereditary”…Home is where life makes up its mind. In this audio session we discuss what it means to have a valuable relationship with each child. Cultivating a relationship with your child is the most important thing you’ll ever do.

“Full Esteem Ahead”…This is an 8-part seminar/workshop on producing a valuable generation. This is the game plan for maximizing your parenting!

  • What if we had a consistent flow of principles and values for parents and grandparents to share with their children each week?

We are preparing Jesus principles that you can use to instill the best values into your children. Remember, you are the experts on your children, so we’ll give you the principle with “suggestions” on how you might teach these to your kids, no matter their ages.

  • What if we had a way for parents to interact on how they shared these values…the things that worked and the things that didn’t work so well?

We will provide the core principles and values for you. We will not be able to apply every principle for every parent-child relationship; it’s impossible! We’ve found over the years that other parents have the best answers for one another. SO, we are providing ways for you to learn and share your own experiences with other parents who are on the same mission to teach their kids these significant values.