Get your Daily Encouragement with the Jesus Minute

Jesus and Jesus only is “THE WAY”; not Christianity, not the Church, not any attractive teacher or mentor. Jesus, just Jesus!

To be a disciple or follower of Jesus is to come to know Jesus personally-to embrace him and his teachings into your life in such a way that Jesus becomes your lens for seeing life and living your life on purpose. So, in this way, it’s not that you know a lot about Jesus, but that you know him personally.

Instead of making discipleship about making better Christians, adding new members to your Church or religious group, or the passing on of information, Jesus had a better idea and practiced it. If we are to follow in his steps, it’s most advisable that we make disciples his way.

Jesus’ way of making disciples from the beginning was by the use of small groups. We must do the same. There are four vital factors about these small groups that produce genuine followers of Jesus-disciples.

FIRST: Each small group must focus on the centrality of Jesus. The content of the group revolves around Jesus-his words and his actions. This is why Jesus requires that anyone who wants to enter the Kingdom must hear his words and act on them.

SECOND: Each small group must practice interactive conversation of Jesus within the group. We learn best by interactive conversation with other followers. Interact about your experience, strength, and hope each has found in Jesus.

THIRD: Each small group becomes a covenant group with Jesus and with one another. The last supper Jesus ate with his early disciples was to secure the covenant relationship he wanted with them and with one another.

FOURTH: Each small group had one end game-transformation! Whenever Jesus encountered a person, he was changed-a transformation of the heart.

“Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3) In the small group setting, each participant humbles himself and becomes as a child. Jesus does his transforming work within this context. Only Jesus can change or convert a person’s heart.

This was not a one-time occurrence; this transformational encounter with Jesus is still happening today. “Where two or three gather in the name of Jesus, he will show up in their midst.” This revolutionary transformation happens in the power of the few. And, do you know what is so terrific about all this? The Jesus revolution is still on and you can participate in it!



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