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The greatest difficulty in the process of making disciples is TIME!

 It took 3 ½ years for Jesus, that’s Jesus, the name above all names, to make 11 disciples out of the 12 He was given by the Father.  

Making disciples seems to be the missing link. This is precisely where we depart from Jesus’ teachings and the experience of the early followers of Jesus. Evangelizing or converting people is always the easy way out. Stay with this approach and you bring your kingdom along with you-the kingdom of Western Christianity. 

Making disciples is very difficult. Discipleship is not a class. It’s not a set of principles to be memorized. Discipleship is not a belief system to be proof-texted from the Scriptures. Discipleship is life on life! Discipleship is not easy! Discipleship is costly! Discipleship takes time! 

The greatest drawback on making disciples is to think that we must disciple the masses. Jesus gave us the model of working only with a few. I call it the power of the few. Discipleship is not focused on the numbers. Discipleship occurs in the dynamic interaction between brothers and sisters who increasingly share their experience, strength and hope in Jesus. Choose discipleship as your model and you bring King Jesus and the kingdom of God along with you. 

Do you know where discipleship must start? It’s with you! In my experience I was so into out-reach throughout the world, but never was into in-reach. I was trying to convert the world without allowing the Spirit of Jesus to transform me. From that point forward, discipleship is a natural. You can’t help but follow Him and bring others along with you! Who knows, maybe a church might break out!


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